Empowering working environment

Empowering working environment


Mandatum’s corporate culture, values and way of working are described in the Mandatum Way guide. The guide also explains how personnel is taken into consideration at Mandatum. Mandatum distributes the guide to all new employees in connection with their induction.

Mandatum’s HR administration is headed by the Vice President, Human Resources, whose team comprises experts from the areas of recruitment and employer image, induction and HR administration, rewards and compensation, competence development, and health, safety and well-being. In addition, Mandatum has HR partners who support the entire organisation in HR matters.

Systematically developing HR practices and measuring employee satisfaction help Mandatum succeed. When employees adapt well to the company, they participate more, create better relationships with their colleagues and stay with the company longer. Mandatum works long-term to improve employee satisfaction. Employees can make their voices heard through official channels, such as employee surveys, but, first and foremost, they get listened to every day at work.



Targets and goals

Mandatum’s goal is to maintain a healthy level of total employee turnover.