Reporting suspected misconduct (whistleblowing)

Mandatum Group (“Mandatum”) is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the laws, regulations, provisions and ethical principles that apply to the financial sector. Mandatum has monitoring and operating principles and processes in place for identifying and preventing misconduct and violations. Despite effective internal monitoring measures, misconduct or violations cannot be entirely ruled out. We want to be aware of and address this kind of behaviour.

When to report through the whistleblowing channel?

Our whistleblowing channel is meant for reporting violations under the act on the protection of persons who report breaches of EU or national law (1171/2022). Through the channel, you can report suspected misconduct and violations in areas such as:

  • financial services, products and markets
  • prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • product safety and conformity
  • consumer protection, and
  • the protection of privacy and personal data, and the security of network and information systems

We encourage our stakeholders and personnel to report any misconduct and violations they may observe in their work through our whistleblowing channel.

Please note that Mandatum’s whistleblowing channel is not intended for the submission of customer feedback, claims or issues relating to labour law.

You can leave customer feedback and a contact request here: Feedback - Mandatum Life.

How to report?

We encourage you to report openly and, if you wish, to include your name and contact information. Confidentiality also applies in cases where the whistleblower discloses their identity. You can, however, report anonymously in our system, which is managed by an external co-operation party. You can also save documents to support your report in the whistleblowing system. The system is not connected to Mandatum Group’s IT systems, nor does it save IP addresses or other information that could be used to identify the person who sent the message.


You may submit report here: