Information and cyber-security

Mandatum has been granted ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification (22.12.2021) under the international standard on information security, reflecting our information security management system’s compliance with international quality standards.

As a reliable financial sector company, we aim to ensure that the services we offer our customers are secure. We place the utmost importance on having sufficient levels of information security and cyber-security that are proportionate to the nature of our business and the information we process, and on ensuring that they correspond to the level generally expected by the financial sector’s various stakeholders. In our company, information security is seen as an integral part of developing high-quality services, the digitalisation of services and a positive customer experience.

Our company’s information security and cyber-security are systematically developed in accordance with the information security strategy approved by the organisation’s management, taking into account the ever-changing threat landscape. Mandatum’s information security and cyber-security management is based on the information security policy approved by the company’s Board of Directors. The policy outlines the roles, responsibilities, goals and more detailed guidelines for implementing information security and cyber-security.

Website security

How can I be sure that the website I am on is really Mandatum’s?

When using Mandatum’s website, you can easily verify whether it really is Mandatum´s. You can see right away if the connection is encrypted, who administers the website and who has verified the website. This can help you avoid harmful websites that may have been published in Mandatum’s name without authorisation.

You can verify the website’s authenticity through the information in the website’s browser bar. A green padlock symbol indicates that the website has been verified and that the connection is encrypted. You can also click on the text/company’s name next to the padlock and verify that the website is administered by the company in question and that the website’s administration has been verified by a third party. Mandatum´s website is administered by Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited and the verifier is DigiCert Inc.

More details on information security at Mandatum are available via email: