Contact information

Contact information

Mandatum Group

Mandatum Group consists of two business areas: wealth management, rewards and compensation, retirement plans and personal insurance offered by Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited (Mandatum Life) and asset management and wealth management services offered by Mandatum Asset Management. The companies’ contact details are:


Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited (Mandatum Life)

Postal address:


Telephone: 010 515 225

Business ID: 0641130-2

Email: firstname.lastname(at)

Customer service

Mandatum Asset Management Ltd

Postal address:

P.O. Box 1221, FI-00101 Helsinki

Business ID: 2608438-8

Email: firstname.lastname(at)


Invoicing information

Mandatum Group's and Kaleva's company-specific invoicing information can be found here:

Invoicing information


Arrival instructions

The main entrance of Mandatum’s head office is off the street Bulevardi. You can find parking spots at Hietalahden tori and in S-Market’s underground parking garage, which you can access from Mallaskatu. If you park in the underground garage, the easiest way onto Bulevardi is through the lobby of S-Market. If you need a ticket for the parking garage, we can provide one on your way out. Tram number 6 and bus number 22 will bring you almost straight to our door.





Mandatum’s press releases and publications, communication contact persons and image bank.

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Co-operation partners

History of our head office

In 1819 Nikolai Sinebrychoff was granted a monopoly for brewery operations in Helsinki and in 1822 a monopoly for manufacturing spirits. Sinebrychoff’s first factories were located in Suomenlinna (an island fortress off Helsinki), from where the expanding operations forced them to transfer outside the city to Hietalahdenranta in the 1820s. Initially, the breweries and distillery were located in wooden buildings and work was begun immediately on a brick factory (Wiinanpolttimo).

The oldest section of Wiinanpolttimo is where our head office’s Pilarisali resides, and this section has been built and demolished in several phases. The first phase was completed in 1832. In the first blueprints, the facade drawings are signed by Carl Ludvig Engel, the famed Prussian-Finnish architect.

In 1970, brewery operations moved to the Keittohuone building (on the street Bulevardi) designed by the architect Woldemar Bäckman. It is also a listed building and featured on an international architecture organisation’s list of significant industrial buildings representing modern architecture.

Sinebrychoff’s Wiinanpolttimo distillery