Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity, equality and inclusion



Diversity and equality are Mandatum’s core values, which the company’s management is committed to promoting. The company’s target is to ensure that its practices and processes are free from discrimination and that these values show in the company’s operations. Diversity and inclusion issues are included, for example, in the Mandatum Way guide and in supervisor training. HR administration is responsible for the diversity and inclusion strategy and actions.

Mandatum wants to promote diversity and inclusion in all personnel groups. The company capitalises on its employees’ different backgrounds, knowledge and competence, striving to create an increasingly innovative, fair and caring work environment. Mandatum believes that diverse teams are more creative, innovative and customer-oriented, because they reflect the diversity of the markets.

Mandatum aims to offer everyone equal opportunities. To ensure that decision-making is unbiased and based solely on work performance, the company bases its recruitment, training and promotions on clear and objective criteria. All Mandatum employees are also encouraged to develop and utilise their strengths so that everyone can reach their full potential.

The Mandatum Experience induction programme, organised three times a year, is an important part of inclusion. During the two-day event, new employees get to meet other Mandatum employees and management.



Targets and goals


Mandatum strives to reach gender equality at all management levels and has set as a goal to have a total of at least 40 per cent of men and women at all management levels. The company works towards that goal by encouraging all genders to apply for supervisory and management positions and by offering support and coaching where needed.