Health and well-being

Health and well-being



At Mandatum, the main focus of mental and physical occupational health is on preventive measures. The company focuses on a motivating work environment and preventive occupational health care. A preventive early intervention model helps employees and particularly supervisors detect and identify situations where preventive measures are required. Mandatum identifies and measures risks related to psychological and physical health in close collaboration with the occupational health service provider, pension insurance company and insurance company.

Mandatum’s health, safety & well-being partner plays a major role in improving the work environment, including both physical and psychological well-being. The partner’s responsibility also includes identifying both work-related and non-work-related health risks.

HR administration regularly assesses Mandatum employees’ work ability and reports on it to management. Twice a year, a steering group comprised of Mandatum’s health, safety & well-being partner and the representatives of the earnings-related pension company, occupational health care and the insurance company convenes to look into the situation together with HR administration. Absences due to illness are monitored quarterly, and HR administration contacts the teams’ supervisors as required. Where the absences are associated with mental health issues, HR administration immediately contacts the employee’s supervisor. The preventive early intervention model is the most important tool in ensuring that employees are given sick leave or other necessary leave.

Mandatum offers its employees and supervisors information on and support for taking care of their own physical and mental health. The company trains supervisors on health-related themes both individually and in groups.

Near-miss situations or accidents occurring in Mandatum’s offices are reported to the company’s risk management. Accidents occurring outside working hours are monitored through the insurance company’s reports.


Health care services


Mandatum offers its employees comprehensive occupational health services, which include, for example, consultations with an occupational psychologist and physiotherapist. In addition, Mandatum’s employees are covered by extensive health insurance, which includes special services (e.g. surgery, physiotherapy, examinations). The insurance supports employees’ well-being by offering them quick access to health care professionals.


Physical well-being


Mandatum supports physical well-being through a versatile exercise offering, varied work routines and practices that facilitate daily work. Employees are offered discounts on various exercise and sports services, free yoga classes and access to the head office’s gym as employee benefits. Mandatum also has a break exercise app in use that encourages and reminds employees to take short breaks during the workday. In addition, the company offers regular ergonomics assessments at the workplace, and ergonomic tools are at everyone’s disposal in their home offices.

Mandatum carries out internal safety inspections of the premises twice a year. An evacuation drill is conducted once a year to make sure that people know what to do in an emergency.


Psychological well-being


Mandatum promotes its employees’ psychological well-being by reducing work-related risk factors. If necessary, an employee’s workload, work content or other factors can be accommodated. Mental health is supported at the workplace through good practices, such as by increasing awareness of risk factors and following occupational health and safety guidelines.

Mental health measures are part of Mandatum’s integrated health and well-being programme, which covers prevention, early identification, support and rehabilitation. For example, if an employee returns to work after a long sick leave period, a thorough survey is carried out together with occupational health care to establish whether the employee is able to resume full-time work immediately. Occupational health services support Mandatum in implementing the programme.

Mandatum’s HR administration immediately reacts to long sick leave caused by mental health issues, offering support and access to professional help to avoid prolonged sick leave.


Work–life balance


Mandatum supports its employees in finding the right work–life balance through, for example, a hybrid work model. In addition, the company offers flexible working hours, paid study leave, days off for moving house, leave for certain personal milestones and paid leave in the event of a family member’s sudden illness of funeral. When a child falls ill, the parents can stay home for three days to care for a child under the age of 10 years, or Mandatum can arrange a childminder for them. An employee returning to work from parental leave can opt for flexible working hours. Working shorter hours to care for elderly parents is also possible.

Mandatum supports work–life balance also through various organisational solutions. For example, employees are offered training that supports career development and self-management skills with a focus on self-control, life management and the analysis of oneself and one’s well-being.


Targets and goals


Mandatum’s goal is to keep personnel’s well-being and work ability at a high level throughout their career.