Competence development

Competence development



At Mandatum, competence is developed based on the 70-20-10 model. According to the model, 70 per cent of learning takes place at the workplace through interesting and challenging assignments, 20 per cent through feedback and learning from other members of the work community and 10 per cent through training programmes.

Mandatum believes that, rather than a separate activity, learning should be continuously present in personnel’s daily life. In order for Mandatum to preserve its agility and ability to react to changes, it needs multitalented people who not only fulfill their role but are also flexible, inventive and creative. These skills only develop through continuous learning and making use of what has been learned.

Mandatum’s culture emphasises learning by doing and learning from others. For example, the goal is to use internal job rotation to fill temporary open positions, such as parental leave vacancies. Learning at work is encouraged by providing opportunities to take part in development projects and working groups that cross unit boundaries.

Mandatum supports learning through feedback with 360-degree feedback assessments, which are carried out every other year to support leadership development. In the assessment, a supervisor receives feedback from their employees, colleagues and their own supervisor. The previous assessment was carried out in 2022. The employee satisfaction survey Siqni is also an important feedback channel and measure of a supervisor’s success.

Mandatum makes sure that all employees complete the mandatory online training courses required by legislation. A personal training programme is drafted for new employees during their induction, and employees monitor potential additional training needs together with their supervisors. After the training programmes, Mandatum collects feedback through surveys and develops training continuously on the basis of the feedback received. The effectiveness of special training, such as coaching, is also monitored during the training.


Training programmes


Mandatum’s new employees, including fixed-term employees, participate in the Mandatum Experience induction programme during the first few months after joining the company. The programme consists of a two-day induction event and the Mandatum Mandatories training videos where the heads of the various business units present the operations of their own unit. During the programme, new employees get to know Mandatum as a company and an employer, and they have the opportunity to meet company management and employees from different areas of the company.

Mandatum has a mentoring programme that supports learning through feedback. In the programme, Mandatum brings together experienced employees and newcomers, guiding them to engage in discussions that are beneficial for the professional development of both parties.


Management development


Mandatum Management School is a coaching programme that focuses on supervisors’ role and tools and interaction in various situations involved in supervisory work. The coaching provides a foundation for analysing and developing one’s own management skills and for managing the team’s activities. The programme’s goal is to maintain a consistent management culture at Mandatum. All Mandatum supervisors participate in the coaching during their first year as a supervisor. The second part of the coaching (Management School II) is organised for supervisors during their first few years as a supervisor.

HR administration organises training on topics related to the management annual clock, such as setting goals, managing performance, recruitment and internal policies.


Targets and goals


Mandatum’s goal is for every employee to be able to develop their competence at work and keep their professional skills up to date.