Up­dating own infor­mation

Up­dating own infor­mation

You can view and update your personal data by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the Web Service and selecting My account from the top menu.

As a financial institution, Mandatum has a legal obligation to identify and know its customers. In addition to up-to-date personal information, the company is required to have sufficient information on, among other things, its customers’ business operations, financial position, purpose for using the services, and the origin of their funds.

Mandatum must know the country or countries in which the customer is generally liable to pay tax. Mandatum is also under obligation to determine whether its customer is a politically exposed person or a family member or close business partner of such a person. Read more about customer due diligence.

Updating personal data

You can update your personal data and contact details in the tab Personal data.

Updating background information

In the Basic information tab, you can update your citizenship data and information on your, your family member’s or business partner’s status as a politically exposed person.

Updating of the investor profile

The investor profile survey will give you an idea of what kind of investor you are and what kind of returns you wish to target at a risk level that suits you. You can update your investor profile in the Investor profile tab.

Paperless service

The paperless service sends your documents electronically to the Web Service. We will inform you by email when you have received new information to read. The service is free of charge. Read more about the paperless service.

You can activate the paperless service in the Paperless service tab.

Managing mobile app credentials

If you use the Mandatum Money mobile app, or the Trader securities trading service’s TraderONE or TraderGo mobile app, you can manage the mobile apps’ credentials in the Mobile apps tab.