Chan­ging the user role and mana­ging user rights

Chan­ging the user role and mana­ging user rights

If you are entitled to represent your company and manage your company’s matters in the Web Service, you can change your user role while you are logged in to the Web Service.

You can change to another user role by clicking on your own name in the Web Service’s top right-hand corner. Choose Change role from the menu that opens up. Select the role in which you wish to proceed from the menu.

As the company’s master user, you can add and remove users and define the user rights of these users. You can access the user rights management by selecting your own name from the Web Service’s top right-hand corner and by selecting User rights. A list of the service’s users opens. By selecting the name of the user, you will see the user’s personal details and user rights and you can change the information as you see fit.

You can create a new master user or remove a master user with the company’s user agreement, if you have the right to sign for your company.

Revocation of user rights

If you want to remove the company’s master user, fill in the Cancellation of user rights to the web service form and send it by post to the address:

Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited/Kaleva
Asiakasposti / 2011
Kalevantie 3
20520 Turku

Online invoicing agreement

You can begin using online invoicing easily in our Web Service. You can find it by selecting first Policies and then the policy you want.

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