Easy and fast online service. As a private customer, you can opt for eInvoicing and make paying invoices easier. Alternatively, you can select direct payment or a paper invoice as your invoicing method. As a corporate customer, you can select an online invoice or a paper invoice as your invoicing method.

Invoicing of private customers


The eInvoice is an electronically sent invoice that allows you to conveniently take care of your payments in your online bank. eInvoices are sent directly to your online bank. Continuous eInvoice payments are automatically charged to your account according to the due date stated in the invoice. You can also separately approve each invoice if you wish.

You can begin using eInvoices when you conclude an eInvoice agreement with your bank for Mandatum Life’s invoices. First log into your online bank, then add a new eInvoice agreement. Select Mandatum Life from the list of invoicing companies. The agreement also requires a reference number, which you can find on your last invoice, on our Web Service or by contacting our customer service.

Direct payment

Direct payment is the right choice for you if you want your invoices to be paid automatically, but you do not use online banking. With direct payment, the bank pays the invoice from your account automatically according to your agreement. You will receive a payment notice by mail before every payment is due or advance notification of payments once a year.

You can start using the direct payment method by concluding a direct payment agreement with your bank. For that you will need your insurance policy reference number, which you will find on your paper invoice.

Paper invoice

If you wish, you can also choose a paper invoice. The paper invoice is the only invoicing method for some life and pension insurance policies that have been valid for a long time.

Invoicing of corporate customers

Online invoice

An online invoice is like the eInvoice for private customers, and it can also be sent in file format. You can begin using online invoicing easily in our Web Service. You can find it by selecting first ‘Policies’ and then the policy you want. If the selected agreement does not show an online invoicing function, you can activate online invoicing by calling our customer service at the number 0200 31190. You can also fill in and return the form below.

Use of the Web Service requires concluding a user agreement. In addition, online invoicing requires that your company has concluded an online invoicing agreement with an online invoicing operator.

We recommend using the Firefox browser to fill out the form.