Mandatum Life scores A+ in UNPRI assessment


Mandatum Life’s Wealth Management has received an excellent overall score of A+ (Strategy & Governance) in the 2019 UNPRI assessment. One fourth of all members of the UN’s Responsible Investment (PRI) organisation worldwide achieve this score.

PRI assesses how its signatory members’ investment operations compare year-on-year and with peers in different categories. The assessment outlines how the organisation has progressed in integrating responsible investment, as well as areas where its investment operations are in need of improvement.

“ESG factors have been a fixed part of our investment analyses and decision-making processes for some time now. We also aim to actively promote the widespread adoption of responsible investment practices,” says Carolus Reincke, Mandatum Life’s Head of Multi-Asset Solutions.
“In recent years, we have been particularly successful in increasing clarity and transparency – our updated ESG policy is a good example of this. Special attention has also been paid to the responsibility of alternative investments, such as the new International Real Estate II investment basket, in which the responsibility perspective is emphasised in all investments. In real estate investments, sustainability is largely focused on the energy efficiency of properties,” explains Reincke.
In addition to its overall score, Mandatum Life Wealth Management’s result was higher than the median score in almost all categories. In the active ownership category, Wealth Management’s score was the same as the median score.

“We can be very pleased with our performance in every asset class. Our score in the active ownership category was affected by the fact that we generally do not vote in shareholder meetings. In our experience, direct dialogue with companies’ management and cooperating with other investors are more effective than participating in shareholder meetings,” states Reincke.

“If an investee company is not willing to invest in responsibility in its business, the investment can be exited,” he adds.
Mandatum Life signed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment in 2011. In compliance with the principles, Mandatum Life has committed to integrating ESG factors in its investment process, to being an active owner and to promoting the principles of responsible investment.

Summary scorecard

Category Mandatum Life Median
01. Strategy & governance A+ A
02. Listed equity A A
07. Private equity A A
10. Listed equity - Incorporation A B
11. Listed equity - Active ownership B B
12. Fixed income - SSA A B
13. Fixed income - Corporate Financial A B
14. Fixed income - Corporate Non-Financial A B
17. Property A B


Additional information:
Carolus Reincke, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions,, tel. +358 50 355 4540
Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications,, tel. +358 40 728 1548