Digital Wealth service

Digital Wealth service

Set yourself a goal and enjoy the ride. Start using our new mobile service for growing your wealth.


It’s so simple. This is how it works.  


Is saving for your retirement important to you? Perhaps you’re more interested in saving for your children or growing your wealth in general? Together we will go over the most important matters to help us understand what kind of wealth-builder you are.


Once we have a good understanding of your needs, we will propose the right investment plan for you. Saving according to a plan will bring you closer to your goals.


The service ensures that you are on the right path towards reaching your goals and will recommend changes if the situation calls for it. Stay on top of your situation with the ML Money mobile app.

Getting started

vaurastumisen-palvelu-mobiili.PNGYou can start investing with a smaller monthly investment or with a larger one-time investment sum. You can get started with a monthly investment of just EUR 100 or a one-time investment of EUR 2,000.

Keeping track

You can easily keep track of the development of your investment in the ML Money mobile app – anywhere, anytime. You can see the progress you are making towards achieving your goals and receive tips on how to reach them within your desired time frame.

Making changes

If you wish, you can quickly change your goals, at no extra cost. Your money is flexibly at your disposal when you need it. You can also make additional investments without subscription fees.

How we invest

Your money is invested in accordance with the risk level that is approved by you and which is most in line with your plan. We believe in patient and long-term investing, which is why we take advantage of all asset classes in our investment portfolios. Mandatum Life will manage and take care of your investments.

ML Money mobile app


Smart technology

Use the service to keep track of your goals and your money. Smart technology is used to help you achieve your goals, and your money is looked after by the professionals at Mandatum Life. Success, therefore, does not require you to be interested in the world of investment. The service tells you what you need to know to get closer to achieving your goals and frees up your time for other interests.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is, above all, transparent. An initial lump sum investment of EUR 2,000 or a monthly investment of EUR 100 will get you started. If you change your mind, no worries. You are not bound in any way. You can withdraw your money at any time, at no charge. When you make a withdrawal, you have to pay taxes on any possible capital gains. You can make additional investments without paying subscription fees. The portfolio in accordance with the plan is implemented with the Mandatum Life Allocation investment basket.


Contract’s annual administration fee 0,5%
Subscription fee 0 €
Redemption fee 0 €
Total annual fees for the investment objects 0,83–1,66%