Group pension insurance

Sesam group pension insurance is an employee benefit that bears fruit for a long time

Group pension insurance

Sesam group pension insurance is an employee benefit that bears fruit for a long time

The retirement age has risen and the amount of earnings-related pension has fallen for all working-aged people. Finns should all think about how to ensure a sufficient income for themselves when they retire.

The group pension insurance offered by the employer is a cost-effective method for supplementing a person’s pension cover.

Supplementation of pension cover is part of a successful reward scheme for the entire personnel or a specific personnel group.

Benefits of group pension insurance for companies and employees

This is how Sesam group pension insurance works

Your company can apply for Sesam group pension insurance for a select personnel group that has been objectively defined. This means, for example, the employees in a specific function or personnel group or the entire personnel. Our experts will help your company build a group and define suitable insurance premiums to suit your needs.

Sesam group pension insurance is, as a general rule, tax-deductible for the company, and is not considered part of the insured’s earnings. The premiums do not entail indirect employee costs. The premiums can be paid according to the company’s financial situation.

Sesam is unit-linked pension insurance, which means that the insured’s final pension is defined according to the paid premiums and performance of investment objects. There are a number of options for investing insurance savings. The company can decide on the investment objects or they can give the insured the right to choose the investment objects themselves. Also available are the Allocation investment baskets, in which Mandatum actively manages assets with the customer’s chosen risk level.

Group pension insurance can help to strengthen employees’ commitment to the company. The policy can state, for example, that employees are entitled to the pension savings only once their employment has lasted a certain amount of time.

The employer can easily manage the Sesam insurance on our Web Service. The insured have, in addition to the Web Service, at their disposal the Mandatum Money mobile app where they can view the pension forecast for their pension savings and easily monitor the savings’ development.

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