Entrepreneur’s supplementary pension

Make sure that you will have a sufficient and regular income even after your career as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneur’s supplementary pension

Make sure that you will have a sufficient and regular income even after your career as an entrepreneur

The entrepreneur’s supplementary pension is based on YEL insurance premiums that the entrepreneur him- or herself pays based on the earned income he or she has defined. Many set their earned income at a too-low level, which means that their pension will also be low.

For many entrepreneurs, the statutory pension is often not sufficient to maintain the standard of living they are accustomed, especially since the pension system reforms have raised the age of retirement and cut back pension levels.

Entrepreneur’s supplementary pension insurance is a sensible and flexible way to accrue additional income for retirement, on top of the statutory pension.



  • You will have a sufficient and regular income even after your career as an entrepreneur.
  • By taking out supplementary pension insurance, you secure your livelihood and the livelihood of your loved ones in case of death, unemployment and disability. The entrepreneur’s supplementary pension insurance includes life insurance, which covers 100% of the insurance savings during the savings and pension periods, until the age of 90.
  • You can pay up to EUR 8,500 in annual premiums into the entrepreneur’s supplementary pension insurance without the premiums being counted as the insured entrepreneur’s pay. This pension premium is tax-deductible for the company.


When you take out entrepreneur’s supplementary pension insurance, we will help you create a plan for the payment of insurance premiums and the investment of savings. The premiums are flexible, which means you can adapt them to your or the company’s situation.

Your investment plan is also flexible: you can freely change it without the accrued return being taxed as capital gain.

You have access to a wide selection of investments. You can also leave the selection of investment objects up to professionals.

You can manage your investments and other contracts easily on our Web Service.

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Investment services

You can also secure your future through long-term savings or by investing the excess wealth you have accrued all at once. You can decide whether you want an investment professional to manage your assets, or whether you want to make investment decisions yourself.

The wealth growing service is our mobile service that enables you to get started with a monthly investment of just EUR 25. For investment assets exceeding EUR 250,000, we offer comprehensive wealth management services.

Supplementary pension is also an important rewarding method

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