Update of key information do­cuments

Update of key information do­cuments

The key information documents for Mandatum’s investment baskets have been updated with respect to the stressed scenario in the performance scenarios

The key information documents for Mandatum’s investment baskets have been published on this webpage solely for the purpose of supporting communications related to the updates made to the key information documents on 13 December 2021. The key information documents on this page are available for this specific purpose only and may no longer be updated. Up-to-date key information documents, rules, brochures, and other material for the investment baskets for sale are available on Mandatum’s website under Investments.

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Investment baskets' key information documents, updated 13 December 2021

Mandatum Allocation 25
Mandatum Allocation 50
Mandatum Allocation 80
Mandatum Allocation Equity+
Mandatum Allocation Fixed Income
Mandatum Allocation Security

Mandatum Pension
Mandatum Pension+
Mandatum Pension Security

Mandatum Emerging Markets Bond Index
Mandatum Emerging Markets Index
Mandatum AM European Small & Mid Cap
Mandatum AM Fixed Income Portfolio
Mandatum Global Climate Index
Mandatum AM Global Sustainable Equity basket
Mandatum Gold Index
Mandatum AM Managed Futures
Mandatum AM Real Estate II (in Finnish)

Mandatum Mandate Broad 25
Mandatum Mandate Narrow 25
Mandatum Mandate Broad 50
Mandatum Mandate Narrow 50
Mandatum Mandate Broad 80
Mandatum Mandate Narrow 80
Mandatum Mandate Fixed Income
Mandatum Mandate Broad Equity
Mandatum Mandate Narrow Equity

Mandatum Bonus 25
Mandatum Bonus 25 B
Mandatum Bonus 50
Mandatum Bonus 50 B
Mandatum Bonus 80
Mandatum Bonus 80 B

Mandatum Nordic Equity
Mandatum AM Money Abs
Mandatum Money Portfolio

Mandatum Finland Index
Mandatum AM Senior Loan Strategy
Mandatum AM Senior Loan Strategy Distribution
Mandatum AM Slim Tail World Equity
Mandatum AM Stamina Equity
Mandatum USA Index

Mandatum Alternative Mandate 2017 
Mandatum Alternative Mandate 2018 
Mandatum Alternative Mandate 2019
Mandatum European Real Estate II Plus 
Mandatum Coupon Basket II 
Mandatum Coupon Basket III (in Finnish)
Mandatum Coupon Basket IV (in Finnish)
Mandatum Listaamatomat Sijoitukset I (in Finnish)
Mandatum Pohjoisen Kasvuyhtiöt (in Finnish)
Mandatum Private Debt III Plus 
Mandatum Private Debt IV Plus (in Finnish)
Mandatum Private Equity Opportunities I Plus (in Finnish)

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The investment baskets are administered by Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. The investment basket is selected independently by the policyholder, and the policyholder also bears the risk of any potential decrease in or loss of value of the investment savings. An investment basket's past yield does not guarantee returns in the future. The value of investment baskets may rise or fall and investors may lose funds that they have invested in the investment basket.

Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited and its agents are not responsible for the value development of the investment baskets. Even if Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited and its partners attempt to ensure the reliability of information, the insurance company or any other party does not guarantee the completeness or correctness of the information contained in this website and is not liable for any errors or deficiencies contained herein. Information regarding investment objects is given for informational purposes only and cannot be regarded as a recommendation to buy, keep or change investment objects. Customers should carefully familiarise themselves with the regulations and brochures of the mutual funds prior to making their investment decisions.

Market price quotations displayed in the reports or other customer material are only for the Client's personal use as information regarding the insurance policy. Price quotations may not be distributed to third parties or used to value other investments. Client understands and agrees that Mandatum Life's service providers shall be considered third party beneficiaries in respect of this paragraph. Notwithstanding the foregoing, such service providers shall under no circumstances have any liability to Client in connection with the provision of the price quotations provided by Mandatum Life.

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