Allocation investment baskets

Allocation investment baskets

Let the professionals look after your assets

With Allocation investment baskets you can save and invest easily and conveniently.

Allocation investment baskets are for you if you would rather let the professionals manage your assets than put time and effort into tracking the markets yourself. All you need to do is decide your risk level and investment objective – we will let you know how your investments are developing.
In Allocation investment baskets, your savings are invested across various asset classes. We also have alternative investment objects, in accordance with our co-investment principle, and our global partners’ selections supplement our offering.

  • Private individuals and companies
  • Continuous saving or growing a lump sum transferred to the contract. However, if you wish, you can withdraw your savings within just a few days (does not apply to pension insurance)
  • Savings in Mandatum’s pension, group pension or investment insurance contracts and capital redemption contracts.

Stay up to date on how your savings are developing in our Web Service

You can keep track of your savings in our Web Service, where you can also easily change your investment strategy.
We publish a monthly Allocation investment basket review which you can read in your email or in our web service. The monthly review also includes information about any significant changes in the investment objects.

Pricing of the Allocation investment baskets

The management fee for the Allocation investment basket is 0.05% for the Fixed Income strategy, and 0.15% for other strategies.

Choose the investment strategy that suits you best