Sustainable underwriting

Sustainable underwriting

Money and life are Mandatum’s special areas of expertise. The company’s business operations are based on wealth management and asset management services, risk preparation services (e.g. personal insurance), services offered to corporate clients (e.g. reward and compensation services) and investment and saving services.

Sustainable underwriting


Mandatum’s insurance decisions are based on the Underwriting Policy, the purpose of which is to ensure that insurance risks are proportionate to the company’s commission income and that customers are always treated fairly. The company’s CEO approves all insurance products and their changes based on the proposal submitted to the Group Management Team. Mandatum also ensures that employees’ competence in offering insurance that meets the needs of customers and risk insurance is up to date.

Responsible processing of claims


Mandatum serves its customers over the phone and in the Web Service. The company’s goal is for customers to receive good service and fast compensation, effectively and in accordance with the insurance terms and conditions. Automation is used to ensure that customers always enjoy easy and fair claims processing. Mandatum processes approximately 46,000 claims for compensation annually. The quality of the claims processing is continuously monitored through internal control, dialogue with employees and based on customer feedback. Additionally, the company strives to continuously improve its solutions and look into the reasons behind the complaints in order to improve its processes, communications and advice. The company offers paperless service to provide customers with an environmentally friendly and a modern way to keep track of their insurance.

Bonuses and reward and compensation services


Mandatum helps its corporate clients adjust their remuneration package to the company’s strategy and to make it fair and effective. Mandatum plans and implements variable pay schemes including sustainability indicators and basic pay, retention and reward and compensation schemes and offers related consultation services. Responsible employee rewards and compensation means that the reward and compensation schemes are well-planned, in line with the organisation’s strategy and values, free of discrimination and openly communicated to all employees. When a company’s reward and compensation scheme is responsible, the employees feel that their pay is fair, which increases work motivation, satisfaction and productivity.

Mandatum offers companies various pay surveys that help organisations plan and audit their pay and reward and compensation schemes. For example, a pay survey included in an organisation’s equality plan is mandatory for all employers with at least 30 employees.

Reward solutions offered by Mandatum include a personnel fund for the entire personnel of a client company, and pension and personal insurance. Personnel funds established by Mandatum enable long-term investments for its client companies’ personnel and improve the personnel’s financial security. Professional wealth management ensures that assets are invested reliably and responsibly, which increases the overall wealth of Finland’s working population.