Terms and conditions for biometric identification

Enabling biometric identification allows the user to log in to this app using his/her fingerprint or some other biometric identifier. Some actions will still require strong identification.

The app can be used using the biometric identifiers that have been saved on the device prior to enabling the function. The user is obligated to ensure that only his/her own biometric information is saved on the device prior to enabling biometric identification.

Mandatum Life does not have access to the biometric information that has been saved on the user’s device, nor does it manage such information. In connection with the enabling of biometric identification, the user’s required login information is saved in a secure data centre provided by the operating system.

The user shall be held liable for the unauthorised use of the app if he/she has transferred control of the device to a third party. All actions performed using biometric identifiers shall be binding on the user.

Read the Security Guidelines for more information about using the app safely and securely.

In addition to these terms and conditions, the general terms of use concerning Mandatum Life’s website and electronic services shall also be applied. Mandatum Life is not responsible for the functioning of biometric identification.

Biometric identification in the app can be disabled as follows:

  • Disable the function in the app in the user ID and password login view
  • Disable the function in the device’s app settings
  • Uninstall the app If new biometric identifiers are added to the device, biometric identification must be enabled again.

© Mandatum Life The terms and conditions are valid as of 15 January 2019.