Security guidelines for users of Mandatum's mobile service

Updating and protecting devices

  • Always use the latest versions of Mandatum's mobile apps.
  • Always be sure to update your devices' operating system and apps with the latest manufacturer versions.
  • Only download apps from reliable sources (App Store or Google Play).
  • Install antivirus software on your devices, if possible.
  • Protect your devices with automatic locking, which means that the devices will be automatically locked after a certain period of inactivity. Make sure that unlocking requires entering a password or passcode into the device.
  • Change the devices' password or passcode into one that is difficult to guess. Make sure that the ’require password’ or ’require passcode’ feature is on.
  • Do not lend your device to others. Spyware, for example, can be installed on your device or data can be stolen from it very quickly.
  • Make sure that devices that enable biometric authentication (such as facial recognition or fingerprint) only contain your personal biometric IDs.
  • Log out when you stop using the service.
  • Clear the device's memory by restoring factory settings when you sell the device, for example.

Logging in to the mobile services (user ID and passcode)

  • Logging in to the mobile service requires a personal user ID and passcode. Choose a passcode that is difficult to guess and is not used elsewhere.
  • Do not save the passcode on the mobile device.
  • Do not disclose your passcode to anyone. Change the passcode if you suspect that someone knows it.
  • You can change the passcode in the mobile service. Changing your passcode requires your online banking codes.

Logging in to the mobile services (biometric authentication)

  • Mandatum's mobile services allow biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • The biometric authentication feature can be enabled when logging in to the service for the first time.
  • The feature can be enabled or disabled later in the Mandatum Money mobile service's passcode login view.

Confidential information and how to secure it in the mobile app

  • The app does not save passwords or information covered by insurance secrecy on the device.

If the mobile device is lost or stolen

If your mobile device is stolen, lock your credentials to prevent misuse. You can lock the Mandatum Money mobile service's and Trader securities trading apps' credentials in Mandatum's Web Service:

  • Log in to the Web Service and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Web Service. Select Client information from the drop-down menu. You can lock the credentials in the Mobile apps tab.
  • Locking your credentials means that the next time you attempt to log in, you will be required to use your banking codes to log in to all apps on all devices.
  • You can also lock the Mandatum Money mobile service's credentials by calling Mandatum's customer service, tel. 0200 31100 (lnc/mnc).
  • All actions performed using Mandatum's apps shall be binding on the user.
  • Please note that disabling the banking credentials does not automatically prevent the use of Mandatum's mobile services.

Security features of the mobile service

Time-out after non-use

The user will be automatically logged out of the Mandatum Money mobile service if the app has not been used for 15 minutes. The purpose of the time-out feature is to prevent misuse of the information contained in the app.

In the Trader securities trading service's apps (TraderONE, TraderGO), the user can set the time after which the user will be logged out of the service.

Connection security

The connection between Mandatum and the customer’s mobile device is protected using a secure connection. With this protection, no outside party can see the information your app receives.

Personal passcode

Use of the mobile service requires logging in with a personal passcode or biometric authentication. In order to create and change the passcode, you must log in to the service using your online banking codes.

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Updated 23 November 2021