When you ha­ve re­tired

When you ha­ve re­tired

When you have already retired

Pension taxation

We will notify the Tax Administration of pension payments on your behalf. We receive the new withholding tax rate directly from the Tax Administration at the start of the year.

Change in taxation during retirement

If the amount of your pension changes considerably or if there are changes in your taxation, order a new tax card for your supplementary pension and ask the Tax Administration to deliver the tax card to Mandatum as soon as possible. This will ensure that we deduct the correct amount of withholding tax from your supplementary pension.

Employee pension card

If you draw statutory pension, you will receive an employee pension card from your earnings-related pension company, giving you access to benefits offered to pensioners. In that case, you will not need Mandatum’s pension card.

Mandatum’s pension card gives you access to some benefits for pensioners. You can order the card by sending us a message on the Web Service or by calling our customer service.

Submitting a new bank account number

You can submit a new bank account number for pension payments on the Web Service. Log in to the Web Service and select Messages. Select New bank account number as the subject of the message.

Make sure your contact details are up to date. The easiest way to check and update your contact details is on the Web Service, on the My account page.

Log in to the web service

You can also submit your new account number using the form below. Send the completed form by post to the address:

Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited
Asiakasposti / 2011
Kalevantie 3
FI-20520 Turku

Attach a copy of proof of identity, such as a passport, identification card or driving licence.

Notification of a new bank account number

End of the pension period

You can check your pension period from your policy’s latest annual bulletin and Mandatum’s Web Service. The Web Service also always contains up-to-date information on your pension. The annual bulletins are available in the Web Service under Archive. If you have opted for the paperless service, the annual bulletins will not be mailed to you. You can read the bulletins in the Web Service’s Archive.

When the payment of pension ends, adjust the tax percentage as needed. Please contact the Tax Administration if you need to adjust your taxation and make any changes. On the Tax Administration’s OmaVero site, you can manage practically all of your tax matters online at the address www.vero.fi/omavero. More information is available at: www.vero.fi or by phone at the Tax Administration’s number 029 497 000.