Secure e-mail

Secure e-mail

You can send attachments to Mandatum’s customer service as an attachment to an online message. If attaching a file to an online message fails, you can send the attachments to Mandatum via secure e-mail.

Sending secure e-mail to Mandatum Life

The attachments are sent to the address through a secured e-mail service.

  1. Start sending secured e-mail by going to the address
    • Enter your email address in the Sender field and click on Continue.
  1. The email address will be registered as the sender of the secured email.
    • Confirm the use of the service by clicking on Register.

  2. Log in to your e-mail account (the e-mail address you entered in the Sender field). You have received an e-mail message informing you that you have been registered as a sender of encrypted e-mail.
    • Via the link contained in the message, you can send a secured e-mail message to Mandatum. Click on the link at the bottom of the message.

  3. Open the secured e-mail sending service from the link. You will see an e-mail template with your e-mail address in the Sender field.
    • Enter the address in the Recipient field.
    • Fill in the Subject and Message fields.

  4. Upload the attachments under Add attachment.
    • The attachment you have added will show at the bottom of the message field. You can remove or add attachments. 
  1. Send the message by clicking on Send.

  2. After the message is sent, you will be forwarded to the Confirmation page. Your message and attachments will be sent to Mandatum as secured e-mail.
    • You can save the sent message with attachments at the bottom of the page. Select in the drop-down menu whether you wish to save just the message or the message with attachments. Click on Save.
  1. Close the service by clicking on Stop. The service will confirm the end of the session, and you can close the browser.

Response to message sent via secured e-mail

Wait for Mandatum Life’s response to your message. Mandatum will respond to you by sending you a message on Mandatum's Web Service.