Personnel fund membership matters

Personnel fund membership matters

To find the information on your fund unit, select Policies from the Web Service’s top menu. From the Policies page, choose the name of your personnel fund under the heading Personnel funds. After this, you will be directed to view your personnel fund data.

View fund unit information

You can view your fund unit information and the savings accrued for you in the fund on the Web Service.

Your fund unit information is confirmed annually. The value date for the fund is available on the ‘Fund’s key dates’ list. The updated fund unit information is released annually as soon as the fund’s financial statements have been approved at the annual meeting.

You can view your fund unit’s development in the graph, where you can see the value of your fund unit on the fund’s value date and any withdrawals made from your fund unit. 

The fund’s rules are available in the fund’s information. 

Making a funding notification

Making a funding notification is easy on the Web Service. If a separate notification of your bonuses’ funding is required, you will be notified of the start of the notification period by email or text message.

When the funding notification period is underway, you will be sent a notification on the Web Service under the heading ‘Submit notification of the funding of your bonus’. Under the heading, you can access the funding notification and see when you need to make the notification at the latest.

Making a withdrawal notification

Making a withdrawal notification is easy on the Web Service.

You can withdraw your accumulated funds once a year. You can see in the Web Service the size of your withdrawable fund unit and the dates for the withdrawal notification period. 

You can make a withdrawal notification under Notification of withdrawal. Update your account number and tax rate in connection with the withdrawal. 80 per cent of the withdrawn amount is taxable earnings, on which we withhold tax according to the additional tax rate.

Annually, Mandatum receives information on the fund members’ additional tax rates from the Tax Administration. If you would like to use the tax rate for earned income, you can send a tax card calculated for your personnel fund unit through Mandatum’s Web Service’s Messages section as an attachment to a message. If Mandatum does not have your tax rate information, we will withhold 60 per cent in tax.