The Web Service’s secure Messages function makes talking with Mandatum’s experts more simple and straightforward.

You can find the Messages function by selecting Messages from the Web Service’s top menu or front page.

Sending a message

You can send a new message to Mandatum’s customer service by choosing New message. When the message window opens, you can speed up the processing of your matter by selecting the policy that you wish to discuss. The service will ask you additional questions when necessary. This makes the service faster for you.

You can also send a free-form message to our customer service. Send a free-form message by not selecting a policy. At any point, you can go back and write a free-form message.

Send a message to our customer service by selecting Send when you are done.

Messages received, sent and awaiting approval

The Web Service’s messages are divided into three parts: Inbox, Sent and Awaiting acceptance. The inbox and sent messages show messages received from the customer service and messages sent there. In the messages awaiting acceptance, you can view the policies awaiting your approval. 

The Messages function lists your conversations starting with the most recent one. Unread messages are highlighted in the list.

Sending attachments

You can send attachments to the customer service by adding them to a message. Select Add attachment from the bottom left-hand corner of the message window and attach your document from the window opening in the message.

The attached document can be seen below the message window. You can remove an attachment by clicking on the cross after the attached document’s name.