Mana­ging Sesam group pension insu­rance

Mana­ging Sesam group pension insu­rance

You can manage the Sesam Group Pension Insurances taken out by your company and the related policies, invoicing details and the insured on the Web Service.

Transferring to the service

Log in to the Web Service and select as the role the company you represent. Go to the Web Service’s Policies section from the top menu and select the required policy from the Group pensions menu. 

Viewing policies

  • In the Insured tab you can see the group’s data, the insured added to the group and the basic details of the insured.
  • In the Invoices tab are unpaid invoices and their details.
  • In the Event history tab, you can find all of the invoices paid on the policy.
  • In the Policy information tab, under Policy information you can view your company’s details, the method of payment for invoices, payment months and the investment plan.

Insured persons

Viewing the insured and change in payment instalments

  • Select the Insured persons tab.
  • You can select an insured person from the list or search for the insured by their name or personal identity number using the search function.
  • When you select the insured, their basic details, paid premiums and pension estimate will appear.
  • You can also alter the amount of the insured’s payment instalments by selecting the insured. Enter the sum you require in the Instalment field and select Save.

Adding insured persons

You can add insured persons in the Insured tab by opening the relevant group.

  • Add a new insured using the Add a new insured button.
  • Fill in the insured’s basic details and the information related to the insurance in the window that opens.
  • The insured will be automatically added to the invoices according to the payment plan. You may also create an additional invoice for the insured after you have added the insured to the group.
  • Finally select Save.

Removal of insured persons

  • Go to the Insured tab, select the group and open the insured’s data. You may also select several insured at a time.
  • Select Remove the insured person.
  • Select the date on which the insured has left the group.
  • Select whether a separate payment will be made to the insured with an additional invoice.
  • Select a sum and due date for the payment. The insured will remain on the invoices created earlier.
  • Select Continue and Remove from the group


Management of invoices and invoicing information

Unpaid invoices and their details can be found in the Invoices tab. The invoice proposition is an invoice generated by the management system automatically and according to the payment plan.

Under Other open invoices, you can change the insureds’ sums, open a PDF breakdown, export the insureds’ sums to an Excel file, import adjusted amounts with the Excel file or open invoices in PDF format by opening an invoice or invoice proposition. In addition, you can change the total of the invoice.

Creating an additional invoice

An additional invoice is an invoice created by a customer for an insured person.

  • Begin creating an additional invoice by choosing the Insured persons tab and opening the relevant group.
  • Select the insured persons.
  • Click on Select the function, choose Make an additional invoice from the drop-down menu in the window that opens and select Continue.
  • Add your required amount and the invoice’s due date and select Continue.
  • Confirm the information you have given.
  • The additional invoice you created is available in the Invoices tab.

Changing invoice information

You can change the invoice information in the Policy information tab. You can choose either a printed or online invoice by selecting Change invoice information under Payment method.