Mana­ging and viewing policy infor­mation

Mana­ging and viewing policy infor­mation

You can view your policy information on the Web Service, for example, in terms of made payments, accrued savings, selected cover and insured persons.

Viewing policy information

To find the information on your policies, select Policies. If you have the right to receive information on and to make changes to an insurance policy taken out by a company, you can also see the information concerning it. If required, you can authorise a person to use the Web Service by filling in a power of attorney

The Documents tab contains documents related to the selected policy, such as a policy document, annual notifications or invoices. You can open a document (PDF) by clicking on its name and if you wish, you can save the document on your computer or print it out.


When you want to make other changes to your policy, select the relevant policy and then the tab Changes. Using a change form requires that you have authorisation to make changes. You can also report any changes you wish to make to Mandatum’s customer service by sending a message in the Web Service’s Messages section.

If you wish to change, for example, investment objects, you can find the electronic investment object change form in the policy’s Changes tab. Enter the investment objects to be changed and the parts to be changed on the form that opens up. The information will be sent electronically directly to Mandatum. Changing investment objects in the Web Service is free of charge, for now.

Addition and removal of insured persons

On the Web Service you can also add and remove insured persons from your policies. In Sesam Group Pension Insurance policies this is possible in the Policies section, by selecting the required policy. In the group’s basic details you can see the basic details of the group and you can make changes using the Add insured persons or Remove insured persons functions.

How to add an insured person:

  • Select a policy whose group of insured you wish to change.
  • Enter the information of the insured to be added and select Continue.
  • When the order has been processed and implemented at Mandatum, the change will show in the Web Service within a few working days.

If these functions are not available and you cannot add or remove insured persons in this way, you can send a message to Mandatum’s customer service through the Web Service’s Messages section.