Online mee­ting for private cust­omers

Online mee­ting for private cust­omers

Online meetings are a modern, efficient and safe way of taking care of matters with the experts at Mandatum.

How to join an online meeting

When an online meeting has been booked for you, you will receive a confirmation email about your agreed meeting. The online meeting is joined via the Messages tab in Mandatum’s Web Service. We recommend joining the online meeting from a computer rather than a mobile device. Once you have joined the meeting, Mandatum’s expert will call you on your phone.  

The Microsoft Teams application is used for Mandatum’s online meetings. If you do not have the Teams application installed on your computer, you can also join the meeting through your browser. Online meetings work with the most common internet browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome). Phone audio is used during the meeting while the expert shows you the materials for the meeting on the screen.

Instruction for joining an online meeting:
  1. Log into Mandatum's Web Service using your online banking codes at the address
  2. Once you are logged in, go to the Messages tab.
  3. Under Messages, you will find the online meeting under the heading “Invitation to an online meeting”.
  4. Click on “Join the meeting”. The button will be activated 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.
  5. When you click on the link to join, a new browser window will open up. When the window opens, you can choose to join the meeting via the Teams application or the browser.

    At the beginning of the meeting, the browser will ask you for permission to use the camera and microphone. Click “Allow”. Please note that use of the microphone and camera must be permitted, even if you are not using video during the meeting.
  1. Wait for the meeting to begin. Mandatum's expert will add you to the meeting and call you on your phone. Phone audio is used during the meeting while the expert shows you the materials for the meeting on the screen.

Approval of an online order

Any materials and offers that are presented during the online meeting will be saved in the Messages section of the Web Service. You will also receive an email notification when a new document has arrived for you in the Web Service. Any documents and attachments related to an approved order will be saved in the Web Service’s Archive.

Customer due diligence

As a financial institution, Mandatum has a legal obligation to identify and know its customers. In addition to up-to-date personal information, the company is required to have sufficient information on, among other things, its customers’ business operations, financial position, purpose for using the services, and the origin of their funds. Mandatum must also know the country/countries in which the customer has a general tax obligation.

If background information or updated information is required of the customer, the customer will be asked immediately upon logging into the Web Service to provide background information, to confirm previously given information or to make necessary changes to the information.

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