Fil­ing an ap­peal

Fil­ing an ap­peal

You can file an appeal of a decision that has been made. If you are unsatisfied with a decision concerning your insurance matter, first contact us.


How to contact us

As our customer, the most convenient way to contact us is to send us a message through our Web Service. You can log in to the Web Service using the banking codes provided by major Finnish banks.

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday at the number 0200 31100 (lnc/mnc). Our customer service for corporate customers is available also from Monday to Friday at the number 0200 31190.

If you would prefer that we call you, you can leave a contact request below and we will be in touch.

Financial Ombudsman Bureau, Insurance Complaints Board and Consumer Disputes Board

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE) provides customers with free, independent advisory services and guidance. FINE’s Financial Ombudsman Bureau and the Insurance Complaints Board also offer recommendations for solutions in disputed cases. FINE must receive the matter in dispute for processing within three (3) years of the date on which the party in question received written notification of Mandatum Life’s decision and this time limit. FINE will not handle a dispute that is pending or being heard by the Consumer Disputes Board or a court of law.

FINE’s contact details:
FINE Financial Ombudsman Bureau
Porkkalankatu 1
FI-00180 Helsinki
tel. (09) 685 0120
The easiest way to initiate the matter is by using an electronic contact form.

The Consumer Disputes Board also issues recommendations for settling disputes.
Consumer Disputes Board
P.O. Box 306
Tel. +358 29 566 5249 (switchboard)
The Consumer Disputes Board will not handle a dispute related to a unit-linked contract.


Court appeals

Matters can also be resolved in court. The case must be brought before the Helsinki District Court or the District Court of the municipality in which the complainant is domiciled in Finland. The appeal must be filed within three years after the complainant has received written notification of both the insurance company’s decision and the period for filing a complaint.