Digital wealth management

Digital wealth management

We are glad to hear you are taking a goal-oriented approach to growing your wealth. As a digital wealth management customer, you gain increasing benefits from the expertise of our investment professionals. On this page you can find useful information related to being a digital wealth management customer.

As a digital wealth management customer, you benefit from the service’s diverse contents:
  • You can keep track of your investments’ performance and make additional investments in the ML Money mobile app.
  • You will receive the Portfolio Manager’s Review on the investment basket’s performance every month via email.
  • You can take part in Mandatum Life’s digital events, which take place every three months and focus on topics such as investment basics, investment market trends and family and inheritance law.
  • You can book an online meeting or a phone consultation with a Mandatum Life investment expert once a year.

Investment objects

With the digital wealth management service, your wealth is invested in Mandatum’s Allocation investment baskets. The digital wealth manager will map out the most suitable allocation basket for you from five different options. We invest according to a co-investment model, meaning we offer our customers the same investments that we make. The values of the investment objects and more detailed information are available on our website.

Read about the Allocation investment baskets

Keep track of your investments in the ML Money mobile app and in Mandatum’s Web Service

The ML Money mobile app keeps you up to date on the development of your wealth. The app allows you to see your digital wealth management service contract and conveniently make additional investments anywhere, anytime.

The free ML Money app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. When using the mobile service for the first time, log in with your personal banking codes. Thereafter, you can log in easily using a passcode of your choice.

In the ML Money mobile app:
  • you can make additional investments or conclude an eInvoice agreement for automatic monthly investing in the digital wealth management service
  • you can watch as your goals are realised and see a forecast of the expected development of your assets
  • you receive up-to-date information about the development of your investments, as well as tips on the best way to reach your goals
  • you can enable push notifications to receive important information in the service

You can view the savings and investment objects in your contract in more detail by logging in to Mandatum’s Web Service using your online banking codes. In the Web Service, you can view all orders you have made, such as paid premiums, completed transfers of savings and partial withdrawals.

You can find more detailed information about the investment objects by selecting Policies from the Web Service’s top menu and then the Investments tab. Click on the link in the investment object’s name to go to the investment object’s web page. The page shows you, among other things, the investment object’s performance, rules and basic information.

You can easily make changes and additional investments to your contract

Investing through investment insurance

Investments in the digital wealth management service take place under an investment insurance contract. Investment insurance includes life insurance. It can help you take care of the financial security of your loved ones through the savings you accrue.

Co-investing and unique investment objects

With digital wealth management, your wealth is invested according to a co-investment model. Co-investing means collaborating with major investors to ensure good diversification, high investment volumes and cost-effective investment operations that benefit the investor.

Adequate diversification of investments and a long-term investment strategy give us and our customers greater peace of mind, for example, in exceptional situations and when the markets fall.