Updates to the terms of use for Mandatum’s website and Web Service as of 23 December 2021


The terms of use for Mandatum’s website and Web Service are being revised, and the new terms of use will enter into effect on 23 December 2021.

Who does the update apply to?

The updated terms of use apply to the users of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited’s, Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company’s and Mandatum Life Services Ltd’s web services, mobile services, websites and chat services.

The use of our website and web services requires acceptance of the updated terms of use after their entry into force. By using our website and web services, you automatically accept the terms of use.

Update due to ML Money mobile app’s new name

The terms of use have been updated due to the change in the name of the ML Money mobile app. The new name of the mobile app is Mandatum Money.

At the same time, the section concerning Mandatum’s right to interrupt the offering of the Web Service has been clarified.

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