Trading in Danske Invest’s Luxembourg-based funds will be halted for a maximum of four trading days in November


The Danske Invest SICAV fund’s and the Danske Invest Allocation fund’s custodial institution and custodian will change in Luxembourg. The change will take place on 24 November 2023. This will have no impact on investors except for the halting of trading for a maximum of four trading days in November. The halt in the trading of the fund units means, in practice, that no-one can buy or sell the fund’s units.

The trading halt is intended to protect investors. In connection with changing the custodial institution, the funds’ portfolio managers will, for a certain period of time, be prevented from trading in the funds’ investments and cash assets until they are transferred to the new custodial institution. Trading will be halted to ensure that investors do not trade at misleading prices. The change of the custodial institution is expected to take place between 21 November and 27 or 28 November. Otherwise, information on the matter will be published on Danske Invest’s website.

Impacts of the halt in trading in funds registered in Luxembourg on insurance contracts

With regard to the funds registered in Luxembourg, orders (payments, changes in the savings distribution, partial withdrawals, compensations) can be made normally in Mandatum’s insurance contracts Capital Redemption Contract (912) and Investment Insurance (972) during the trading halt. The insurance savings for all orders made in the funds registered in Luxembourg during the trading halt will be calculated at the first net asset value (NAV) published for the fund after the trading halt.

Further information on the trading halt (only in Finnish).

Danske Invest vaihtaa joidenkin luxemburgilaisten rahastojen säilytysyhteisöä ja säilyttäjää 27.10.2023 |News