Renewals to Mandatum’s management model


As part of our new significant growth ambitions, the change in our corporate structure and closer co-operation within Sampo Group, we are renewing the management model of Mandatum Group.

Going forward, Mandatum Group’s management model will be based on several forums. At Mandatum Group’s level, steering will take place through the Group Committee. Mandatum Life and Mandatum Asset Management will have their own Business Management Groups, which will be responsible for, among other things, strategy implementation, business decisions and the profitability of business. Both companies will also have their own Steering Group, which will be responsible for governance and preparing the company’s operating conditions. In addition to this, Mandatum Asset Management will have asset-class-specific Investment Committees, which will be responsible for investment activities and the investment strategy and, together with the Business Management Group, for the development and implementation of investment solutions.

Mandatum has also established Group-level functions and appointed the following persons to head them:

  • Human Resources: Jatta Gerdt, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Finance: Jukka Kurki, Chief Financial Officer
  • Risk Management: Kai Niemi, Chief Risk Officer
  • Digital Service Development: Johannes Olli, Chief Digital Officer
  • Marketing, Communications and Sustainability: Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Business Technologies: Jari Sarelahti, Vice President
  • Business Development: Petri Vieraankivi, Senior Vice President
  • Legal Affairs: Timo Vuokila, Vice President, Legal Affairs
  • Compliance: Anu Sipilä, Group Compliance Officer

The management model is effective as of 1 June 2021.

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