Privacy Policy updated


Mandatum Life has changed its Privacy Policy as of 14.12.2020 by simpifying its structure. The Privacy Policy provides information about the processing of personal data at Mandatum Life, and specifically, what personal data Mandatum Life processes, how the data is used and what rights people have regarding the processing of their data. At Mandatum Life, personal data processing is part of critical core business, which is why it is particularly important to provide transparent information on material changes in the Privacy Policy. The change has no impact on the services provided by Mandatum Life nor does it require any action on the part of data subjects.

Previously, the Privacy Policy described the processing of personal data at Mandatum Life on a general level. More detailed information on the processing of personal data was provided in the file-specific descriptions. For the sake of clarity, the Privacy Policy has been supplemented with more detailed information and the file-specific descriptions are no longer available. Going forward, all relevant data on the processing of personal data will be available on one page. The change does not apply to the descriptions pertaining to the processing of personal data of the members of institutional customers. A link to these descriptions can be found in section 7 of the Privacy Policy.

The updated Privacy Policy is available on Mandatum Life’s website. The previous Pricacy Policy is available here (link no longer available). For more information, please contact: