Mandatum’s Annual Report 2021 and Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 have been published


The Sampo Group has published its Annual Report on 5.4.2022 at  Both Mandatum Group’s Annual Report 2021 and Corporate Responsibility Report 2021 are available on the same page in both Finnish and English.

"In 2021, Mandatum turned its gaze to the future and renewed its corporate structure. This also meant revisiting our strategy and reorganizing our operations. This year for the first time, we are reporting on the operations of Mandatum Holding Ltd, that is the Mandatum Group", Mandatum's CEO Petri Niemisvirta says.

Mandatum Group’s Annual Report consists of a review of Mandatum’s renewed structure and function, the Board’s activity report, and the Group’s financial statement and its appendices.

The Corporate Responsibility Report elucidates Mandatum Group’s corporate responsibility as a whole and describes in detail the concrete actions taken towards improving the Group’s corporate responsibility in 2021.

Mandatum Life’s and Mandatum Asset Management’s own Annual Reports have also been published on 5.4.2022. The Sampo Group’s Annual Report will later be complemented by their Corporate Responsibility and Solvency & Financial Condition reports in May 2022.

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