Mandatum is the second-fastest growing Finnish brand


Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation and consultancy, has published its yearly report ranking the most respected and strongest Finnish brands. The report ranks Finland’s 25 most valuable brands, and Mandatum was the second-fastest growing brand on the list.

According to the ranking, Mandatum’s brand is valued at EUR 335 million, up 42 per cent since the previous year’s ranking. Brand value refers to the current value of the income generated by the brand’s reputation. Mandatum’s brand value has grown by as much as 84 per cent since the 2020 comparison.

Nokia maintained its position as Finland’s most valuable brand. In the overall comparison, Mandatum ranked 25th, being the only representative of its business sector.

In Brand Finance’s report, the calculation of brand value takes into account the group’s overall financial performance, the financial performance of the company that owns the brand, the brand’s contribution to shareholder value, and the value of the trademark and related intellectual property.

Read the Brand Finance Finland 25 report here