Mandatum and Kaleva are making a Christmas donation to SOS Children’s Villages Finland


This Christmas, Mandatum together with life insurance company Kaleva is donating 15,000 euros to SOS Children’s Villages Finland.

The Christmas donation is dedicated to promoting the rights of children and youth in preventive work in Finland. Children’s distress and worry have deepened even more recently, and the donation will support especially the Apuu chat service, which children are contacting in increasing numbers.

The donation is a perennial Christmas tradition and a part of our long-term sustainability work. Mandatum and Kaleva have donated for a good cause during Christmas time in multiple years. In previous years, donations have been made to UNICEF, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea, and Hope ry.

Mandatum and Kaleva wish all their customers and partners a merry Christmas.


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