Important reminder about scam messages


Scam messages related to invoicing have been sent in Mandatum’s name. These messages have possibly contained incorrect invoices or payment links. If you suspect that you have received a scam message, do not respond to the message, do not click any links in the message and do not follow the instructions in the message.

Mandatum urges its customers to pay close attention to their invoices, especially in situations where the invoice or payment link leads to a website that is a Mandatum Web Service. Please note that in a phone, messages sent by scammers may end up in the same message thread as authentic messages. Please be extra careful with invoices that arrive to your email.

You can recognise a scam message, for instance, by the sender’s email address, which may be different from Mandatum’s email address by only one character in order to mislead the recipient. Pay special attention if the invoice is unexpected or if you have not received invoices sent by email before. All of Mandatum’s email addresses are in the form, or Mandatum’s website is Mandatum's customer service numbers are Finnish (+358). Nordic institutional customers can also be served from Swedish (+46) numbers. We always communicate in the language the customer has chosen, mainly in Finnish or Swedish.

Please note that Mandatum does not ask for its customers’ login credentials (e.g. banking codes) or bank contact details by email. If you are being urged to pay an invoice that has different account details, always contact Mandatum’s customer service or your contact person before paying the invoice. Mandatum’s account information generally does not change. When communicating with clients, Mandatum does not use remote connection applications, the purpose of which is to take control of the device of the recipient of the call.

General things to keep in mind with respect to safe transactions:

  • Log in to Mandatum’s Web Service only through Mandatum’s website, not through a link in a message or search engine results.
  • Always use a secure channel to send sensitive material or material that contains personal information. If you are not sure whether a channel is safe, ask Mandatum’s customer service or your contact person for their advice.
  • Only use the contact information contained on Mandatum’s website or your Mandatum contact person’s contact information that you know.
  • Inform Mandatum of any possible suspicious messages by email to If you have a screenshot of the suspicious message, please attach it to your email.

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