Mandatum Life's web service revamped


Mandatum Life's digital services are continuously developed. Our goal is to offer our clients more flexible and convenient ways to handle their insurance and contract matters – also online.

Along with the development work, the layout of our web service has been given a new look. The service is now easier to use, with a layout that more closely resembles the pages of our website.

The login page for our private customers and corporate customers has been combined: all of our customers can now log in to the web service from the same page. Customers who handle both their personal matters and those of their company can change their user role when they are logged in to the service.

The web service menu has been moved from the left-hand side to the top of the page. The actions that you can perform in the web service, such as managing policies, filing a claims application and sending messages, have not changed. Claims applications are always sent personally, as a private customer (select Personal matters as your user role).

If you are looking for a change form that used to be located in the menu on the left-hand side, you will now find it under Changes, after first selecting Policies and then the contract you are looking for. With most policies you can also make changes by choosing tabs Investment or Insurances and Beneficiaries.

A new feature of the website is the notification centre at the top of the page which tells you if you have any pending matters with us. The centre is represented by the image of a bell, which is used to notify you about new offers or messages, or to remind you that you need to approve a change you have made to your contract. In addition, urgent notifications will appear in the banner under the menu.

What's new in the web service?

  • You always log in from the same page, whether you are a private or corporate customer. You can change the matters you wish to handle in the service by selecting Change user role on the right-hand side of the top menu.
  • You can update your personal details, such as your contact information, by selecting My account behind your name from the top menu.
  • The notification centre will inform you of new messages and pending matters at the top of the page.
  • All changes to be made to policiesand the change forms themselves can be found under the information pertaining to the contract in questio n.