Updates to the terms of use for Mandatum’s website and electronic services as of 15 June 2022


The terms of use for Mandatum’s website and electronic services are being revised, and the new terms of use will enter into effect on 15 June 2022.

What will change?

Mandatum has added a clause according to which Mandatum has the right to interrupt the use of the Web Service if the user of the Web Service becomes subject to an international sanction or a national decision to freeze assets or if the user does not, despite Mandatum’s request, provide the information required by law for customer due diligence.

Additionally, Mandatum has elaborated its right to disclose customers’ tax identification data in Mandatum’s possession to other Mandatum Group companies and to personnel funds managed by Mandatum for the statutory tax reporting of these companies.

The changes in the terms of use apply to the users of Mandatum’s Web Service, mobile services, website and chat service.

The use of Mandatum’s website and Web Service requires acceptance of the updated terms of use. By using our website and services, you automatically accept the terms of use.

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