WWF Finland and Mandatum Life publish guide on promoting climate sustainability of investments


In a bid to increase investors’ awareness of resolving climate-change related challenges, WWF Finland and Mandatum Life have published a guide together with Sitra. Companies play a key role in achieving goals that are critical to the environment, and that is why investment assets must be directed towards companies with environmentally sustainable operations.

The objective of the sustainable investment guide is to encourage cities, municipalities, foundations, universities and other entities using wealth management services to take climate change mitigation into account in their investment policies. The guide sheds light on the investment risks pertaining to climate change and helps investors reduce the carbon footprint of their investments while also taking into account their own investment goals.

“To be able to resolve the worst environmental crises of our times, the massive capital flows must be directed towards sustainable and low-carbon sectors. Small streams make big rivers – we must make full use of this potential. Each investment portfolio, large or small, is part of the solution for combating climate change,” says WWF Finland’s CEO and Secretary General, Liisa Rohweder.

“When investors see climate change as a business risk, it has a direct impact on their ability to succeed. For investors, preparing for climate change equals sensible risk management, achieving a better return-risk ratio and, above all, eliminating uncertainty. The markets offer alternatives that target a return on a par with the general market development, with considerably lower emissions,” says Carolus Reincke, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions from Mandatum Life.

The guide is part of the co-operation launched between Mandatum Life and WWF Finland in February 2017, aiming at promoting responsible investing to mitigate climate change. The backdrop to this is the need to adjust the investment sector’s operations to the level required by the 1.5–2-degree temperature goal agreed on in the Paris climate agreement. The guide was produced together with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Read more (only in Finnish): Sijoittajan opas ilmastoriskien hallintaan: riskeistä mahdollisuuksiin (pdf) (Investor’s guide on climate risk management: from risks to opportunities) Update 4/2024: Documents no longer available

WWF Finland is part of the large international WWF network with offices in around 50 countries and operations in more than 100 countries. Building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. www.wwf.fi

Mandatum Life is a Finnish financial services provider. It is part of Sampo Group. As part of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, Mandatum Life has made a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of investments worldwide. www.mandatumlife.fi.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has identified climate change and the depletion of natural resources as key megatrends shaping the future and affecting societies, companies and investors alike. Sitra has provided studies and information targeted at investors about climate risks.

Further information:
WWF Finland
Kaarina Kolle, Climate and Energy Officer, tel. +358 50 591 3072, kaarina.kolle@wwf.fi

Mandatum Life
Carolus Reincke, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions, carolus.reincke@mandatumlife.fi, tel. +358 50 355 4540
Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications: niina.riihela@mandatumlife.fi, tel. +358 40 728 1548

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