Mandatum Life once again among Finland’s best places to work in 2018


Mandatum Life has been recognized as one of Finland’s best places to work for the eighth year in a row. Mandatum Life came in 15th place in the survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute Finland.

“I’m really proud of our excellent results. For the eighth year in a row, we managed to maintain the previous year’s level or improve our results in the various areas of the survey, which means that we have made sustainable progress. Our strong corporate culture is supported, for example, by an effective reward system and our entire personnel’s commitment to strengthening our culture. Mandatum Life’s values are illustrated by our daily work in many ways. Our excellent result is a testament to our focus on the right issues,” comments Mandatum Life’s CEO, Petri Niemisvirta.

“For the eighth time, Mandatum Life ranks among Finland’s top workplaces. The company’s operations show a genuine desire to engage its staff of more than 400 in developing the corporate culture in a variety of ways. Mandatum Life is a brilliant example of how the best workplaces have the desire to become even better and can also make it happen. Once again, I’d like to extend my heartfelt congratulations for a job well done on behalf of the entire Great Place to Work team,” says Sonja Hilvo, Consultant at Great Place to Work Finland.

In 2018, a total of 156 organizations participated in the survey. The ranking in the survey is based on an employee satisfaction survey and an analysis of the workplace culture carried out by the Great Place to Work Institute’s experts. This year’s employee survey consisted of 59 claims, divided into five areas: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie. The analysis of the workplace culture focuses on the organization’s HR practices and looks into how well they support the building of an employee-driven HR culture.

Scores up in fairness, pride and camaraderie

When examining the total scores in the different areas, Mandatum Life’s results improved from last year in three areas: fairness, pride and camaraderie. In the other areas, the scores remained unchanged.

The fairness-related claims concern equal opportunities, fair treatment and equality. The pride section contains claims related to the employee’s own work, work team and the organization’s image. Camaraderie includes claims related to familiarity, friendliness and communality.

Net promoter score introduced as a new question

This year, the survey also wanted to find out whether employees are willing to recommend Mandatum Life as an employer. The results indicate that we have succeeded in creating a very good workplace – 91% of our employees would recommend Mandatum Life as an employer.

For the first time, Mandatum Life also achieved the Great Place to Work® certification, granted to organizations in which at least seven out of ten employees consider their workplace to be a good one.

Examples of Mandatum Life’s results:

  • Overall, this is a very good workplace: 94% (2017: 92%)
  • Trust Index total score (average of all claims): 85% (2017: 85%)
  • In my opinion, our ways to engage with society are good: 90% (2017: 85%)
  • People are treated equally here, regardless of their origins: 97% (2017: 95%)
  • People are treated equally here, regardless of their gender: 92% (2017: 89%)

Response rate: 86% (2017: 91%)