Mandatum Life and Trevian Funds AIFM to start cooperation


Trevian Funds AIFM and Mandatum Life have agreed on collaboration in which Trevian’s new special investment fund becomes a part of Mandatum Life’s unit-linked insurance policies and accessible to private investors.

Trevian Finland Properties I is a special investment fund investing in Finnish real estate. The fund’s policy is to invest in various real estate properties providing good cash flow and development potential in Finnish growth centers. Trevian Funds have direct access to Trevian Asset Management’s management services that cover all major growth centers in Finland.

”The currently accessible properties, such as housing in the Helsinki metropolitan area, or offices with long lease, are priced quite high. Therefore, one needs to work harder to gain a good risk-benefit ratio. By going beyond the metropolitan area, to find more demanding properties, we can achieve a very good return level. In the current market situation this fund is particularly interesting as the portfolio properties combine high predictable cash flow with diversified tenant base: the fund aims to 8-10% annual yield”, said Jussi Tanninen,  Head of Alternatives, Mandatum Life.

Mandatum Life has made significant openings among Nordic institutional investors in Sweden and Denmark, and the Trevian Finland Properties I fund is seen as an attractive diversification opportunity for the largest customers of these real estate markets, even hotter than the Finnish.

”The advantages of having Trevian’s countrywide asset management services available are essential for managing the real estate portfolio. Management of such portfolio requires local expertise and resources”, said Head of Alternatives Tanninen.

Trevian Asset Management is a Finnish asset management company specializing in commercial properties established in 2012. The services are focused especially for institutional real estate investors, banks and other professional investors. Trevian has grown fast and the company’s assets under management are close to 1.0B€.

”Trevian has several offices in Finnish cities. We manage our properties locally, close to our tenants and other partners”, said Reima Södervall, CEO and co-founder of Trevian Asset Management.

”The cooperation agreement is of highest importance to our special investment fund as it broadens its distribution opportunities towards both private persons and institutions”, said Kari Kolu, CEO and co-founder of Trevian Funds AIFM.

Trevian Trevian Finland Properties I has started operations in 2017 and the fund is managed by Trevian Funds AIFM.

For more information:

Mandatum Life
Head of Alternatives, Jussi Tanninen,, +358 40 563 1937
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Niina Riihelä ,, +358 40 728 1548

Trevian Funds AIFM
Chairman of the Board, Reima Södervall,, +358 50 362 7400,
CEO, Kari Kolu,, +358 40 544 8008, (Link no longer available)