Innova Services Ltd and Mandatum Life Services Ltd have merged


On 2 October, we announced the merger of Innova Services Ltd into Mandatum Life Services Ltd as of the preliminary date of 4 December 2017. The merger has now been registered.

The new names of Innova’s businesses will be Mandatum Life Reward Services and Mandatum Life Pension Services. Following the change, the invoicing of services will take place according to the new company information.

The merger does not require any measures from our customers, nor does it affect the contents of our customers’ contracts.

More information about reward and compensation services, pension services and personnel funds can be found on our websites:
about reward and compensation
about pension
about personnel fund

For more information, please contact:
Jani Mikkola, Director, Reward Services and Partnerships, Mandatum Life,, p. 050 577 9444
Kiisa Hulkko-Nyman, Business Director, Reward Services, Mandatum Life,, p. 050 337 5482