Mandatum Asset Management has launched its operations


Mandatum Asset Management has launched its operations with its new structure in place at the beginning of September, when Sampo's investment operations transferred to the new company. In early 2021, Mandatum announced that Sampo Group's asset management operations would be merged into Mandatum Group as a separate business.

Mandatum Asset Management (MAM) combines the asset management expertise of Mandatum and Sampo. Its objective is to serve institutional and other professional clients, offer funds and asset management services to both its clients and Mandatum Life's clients and manage Sampo Group's investment assets. As of September, Mandatum Asset Management manages approximately EUR 24 billion in assets. This includes the assets of Mandatum Life, Kaleva and If, Sampo's strategic investments, as well as Mandatum's current unit-linked products and funds.

"Sampo's asset management operations are one of the most successful and it is also one of the largest institutional investors in the Nordics, and we are now bringing this expertise directly to our clients," commented Lauri Vaittinen, who has moved from his role as Senior Vice President, Investment Solutions at Mandatum Life to Mandatum Asset Management’s CEO.

Mandatum Asset Management has several strengths that will accelerate its growth. It is a leader in the Nordics across private debt investments and has more than 30 years of experience in alternative investments.

“Our perspective as an end-investor helps us better understand the goals and responsibilities of institutions, and thus enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive services. This creates significant economies of scale, which also leads to better service for our clients,” Vaittinen continues.

“Our investment selection emphasizes our own analysis of investment opportunities, active ownership and growth investments in unlisted companies. Our investment approach is patient and long-term, but we also take advantage of interesting opportunities from time to time based on market dynamics. Mandatum Asset Management's investment philosophy is strongly based on Sampo Group's way of investing, ” says Ville Talasmäki, Mandatum Asset Management's CIO. Talasmäki is responsible for the company's investment activities across asset classes. He moved to the new company from his role as Sampo’s Head of Allocation.

Mandatum Asset Management's operations are reflected in the entire Mandatum Group, in close customer cooperation between Mandatum Asset Management and Mandatum Life. Mandatum Life's clients will benefit from Mandatum Asset Management’s co-investment strategy through a number of solutions and products, including private equity investment products and pension solutions.

Mandatum Asset Management currently employs more than 120 professionals. The company's Chairman of the Board is Patrick Lapveteläinen, Sampo's Investment Director, and Petri Niemisvirta, President and CEO of Mandatum Group, is the Deputy Chairman.




For more information, please contact: 

Lauri Vaittinen, CEO, Mandatum Asset Management,, tel. +358 (0) 50 382 1674 

Ville Talasmäki, CIO, Mandatum Asset Management,, tel. +358 (0) 50 597 0046

Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications,, tel. +358 (0) 40 728 1548 


Mandatum Asset Management (MAM) engages in fund business and provides Sampo Group with discretionary and consultative wealth management and asset management services. Mandatum Asset Management manages around EUR 24 billion in assets and employs more than 120 investment professionals. Mandatum Asset Management belongs to the Sampo Group and is a sister company of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. 

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