Church Pension Fund becomes anchor investor for International Real Estate II investment basket


The Church Pension Fund has made a commitment to invest EUR 35 million in Mandatum Life’s International Real Estate II investment basket.

The International Real Estate II investment basket invests in real estate throughout Europe. The strategy focuses especially on so-called value-add investments, where the aim is to increase properties’ cash flow through development measures. In Mandatum Life’s view, these investments offer the best return expectation in relation to their risk. The strategy will be implemented in co-operation with the best real estate asset managers in Europe. Special emphasis will be placed on the sustainability perspective in all investments made by the investment basket.

“We have paid special attention to the sustainability of our real estate investments. We are pleased that the sustainability perspective will be taken into account through this investment basket, also in the portfolios of other Nordic institutional and private investors. The investment basket combines the assets of several major investors, which means we will have an even greater sustainability impact,” says Minna Jokinen, Real Estate Investment Manager with the Church Pension Fund.

“In real estate investments, sustainability is largely focused on the energy efficiency of properties. By promoting energy efficiency we can reduce the carbon footprint of properties, and this plays a major role in mitigating climate change,” says Jussi Tanninen, Head of Alternatives for Mandatum Life.


Additional information:

Jussi Tanninen, Head of Alternatives,, +358 40 563 1937
Niina Riihelä, Vice President, Marketing and Communications:, tel. +358 40 728 1548

Minna Jokinen, Real Estate Investment Manager, Church Pension Fund,, +358 50 302 2746


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