Mandatum Life is the tenth best place to work in Europe


Mandatum Life has achieved the highest ranking ever by a Finnish company as one of the best workplaces in Europe in the large companies category. In February 2020, Mandatum Life was selected as the number one place to work in Finland in the large companies category of the Great Place to Work® Institute’s survey. Now Mandatum Life has been ranked as one of the top workplaces in Europe, coming in tenth place.

Close to 1.5 million employees from more than 3,000 organisations across Europe participated in the Best Workplaces in Europe survey. Every year, the Great Place to Work Institute lists the 125 best places to work, divided into four categories based on the size of the organisation. The organisations that make it on the list of the best workplaces in Europe represent the corporate culture of the future, in which a good workplace is built for everyone.

Mandatum Life’s tenth-place ranking in the European survey makes the company the all-time best Finnish company in the large companies category in the history of the Great Place to Work surveys.

“I am extremely proud of Mandatum Life’s international success in the Great Place to Work survey and that I get to be CEO in a company whose employees have a high level of well-being. Mandatum Life has been built into one of the best workplaces in Europe thanks to our employees. Each person’s contribution along this path has been important. In addition to our strong customer focus and high performance targets, our company is characterised by a solid team spirit and a culture of caring. It shows in what we do,” commented CEO Petri Niemisvirta.

Employee satisfaction and the corporate culture have been at the heart of Mandatum Life’s operations since the company’s strategy was renewed back in 2008. Mandatum Life has made it on the list of Finland’s best workplaces for ten consecutive years, which is a testament to the success of the strategy and its implementation. The employee feedback received through the survey is important to Mandatum Life, and the company uses it to systematically develop its HR practices.

The ranking as one of the best workplaces in Europe is based on an employee satisfaction survey and an analysis of the corporate culture carried out by the Great Place to Work Institute’s experts. Mandatum Life’s corporate culture is based on a strong sense of community and supporting one another. A thriving work community is also outwardly reflected as higher customer satisfaction and better results.

“The cornerstone of our success is that we have successfully created a culture based on trust, good leadership, a flat hierarchy and commitment. It has been easy to build a deeper dimension of caring, which also gives attention to smaller details, on top of highly effective HR practices. Many ideas that make day-to-day life better come from the employees themselves, and when new practices are developed, the employees are included in the process and are listened to closely. We strongly believe that our positive and eager attitude will continue to take us forward,” says Vice President, Human Resources, Jatta Gerdt.

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