The aim of remuneration is to encourage and motivate employees to do their best and surpass their targets. Risk sensitive, fair and rewarding remuneration mechanisms enhance the company’s long-term economic success, competitiveness and ability to create value for its stake and shareholders. 

The remuneration schemes in place at Mandatum are based on decisions of the Board of Directors and they support the company’s overall risk management. The remuneration schemes include elements that prevent conflicts of interest and take the sustainability risks linked to Mandatum’s business into account.

Remuneration at Mandatum is based on the Mandatum Group's remuneration principles, which are confirmed by Mandatum plc's Board of Directors. The remuneration principles are applied to the remuneration of the employees of all group companies, and where applicable, to the remuneration of the Group CEO. 


Remuneration Report for Governing Bodies 


Mandatum plc’s Remuneration Report presents the remuneration paid and earned of the Members of the Board of Directors and the Group CEO and discusses the application of the remuneration policy. Mandatum plc’s Remuneration Report is based on Mandatum plc's first financial period from 1 October to 31 December 2023.   The Remuneration Report was approved by the Annual General Meeting 2024. The resolution was advisory. 


Remuneration Report for Governing Bodies 2023 - Mandatum plc


Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies


The Remuneration Policy for the Governing Bodies defines how the remuneration of the Group CEO, and the members of the Board of Directors is arranged. The Remuneration Policy was presented to the Annual General Meeting on 15 May 2024. The Annual General Meeting resolved to support the Remuneration Policy. The resolution was advisory.  


Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies – Mandatum plc