Insider adminis­tration and re­lated par­ty trans­act­ions

Insider adminis­tration and re­lated par­ty trans­act­ions

Insider administration

Mandatum plc’s Board of Directors has approved Mandatum Group’s (“Mandatum”) Insider Policy. The Insider Policy covers Nasdaq Helsinki’s insider guidelines ( Mandatum’s Insider Policy is stricter than the above-mentioned guidelines for Mandatum’s Group Management Team and the Group employees who work on quarterly reports and other financial reports or who have access to the aforementioned documents prior to their publication, so that they cannot acquire or sell Mandatum’s financial instruments during the so-called closed window (30-day period before the release of a listed company’s financial reporting).

Notifications as laid down in Article 19 of the Market Abuse Regulation can be found in Releases.

Related party transactions

Mandatum assesses and monitors the transactions carried out with its related parties to ensure that any conflicts of interest are addressed appropriately in decision-making. Mandatum plc’s Board of Directors has adopted Mandatum Group’s internal policy concerning related party transactions, whose purpose is to ensure that Mandatum has effective mechanisms in place to identify, manage, monitor and report related party transactions.

The Audit Committee monitors and assesses how agreements and other transactions between Mandatum and its related parties meet the requirements of being in Mandatum’s ordinary course of business and on arms’ length terms.

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