Remune­ration commit­tee

Remune­ration commit­tee

The Remuneration Committee is entrusted to prepare and present proposals for the General Meeting on the Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies of Mandatum plc and the Remuneration Report for Governing Bodies. The Shareholders’ Nomination Committee inspects the Remuneration Policy for Governing Bodies with regard to the remuneration of the Board members prior to the General Meeting.

The Remuneration Committee also prepares for the Board’s decision Mandatum Group’s Remuneration Principles and Mandatum plc’s Remuneration Policy for Personnel, Mandatum Group’s long-term incentive schemes, maximum pay-outs based on short-term incentive programmes and long-term incentive schemes as well as the actual payments to be made. The Committee also prepares proposals for the Board on the remuneration of the Chair of the Board and the Group CEO, assesses the remuneration of the Group Management Team and monitors the functioning of Mandatum Group’s reward and compensation scheme.

According to its charter, the Remuneration Committee comprises at least three members elected by the members of the Board from among themselves, the majority of whom must be independent of the company.

The Chair of the Remuneration Committee is Jannica Fagerholm and the other members are Patrick Lapveteläinen and Jukka Ruuska.