Mandatum is a major financial service provider that combines expertise in money and life. Mandatum’s strategy and values guide the company’s decisions and everything it does.

Mandatum offers its customers a wide array of services covering asset and wealth management, saving and investment, compensation and rewards, pension plans and personal risk insurance. Mandatum is one of Finland’s leading financial service providers and the company has, in particular, multidisciplinary wealth management expertise, which is especially focused on offering credit and alternative investments.

Mandatum has three customer segments: corporate clients, private customers and institutional and wealth management customers. Mandatum Life has around 20,000 corporate clients and 330,000 private customers and insured persons.

One of Mandatum’s success factors is the accurate targeting of the comprehensive product and service offering to the various situations and needs of different customer segments. With the operating model, we aim to continue to create value for both the customer and the company's business. In the distribution of products and services, Mandatum's most important strength is its skilled sales and customer relationship personnel.


Mandatum’s purpose statement

  • Mandatum’s approach brings added value to customers and the company’s business operations alike, when the diverse service offering is precisely targeted at the situations and needs of different customer segments.
  • The success of Mandatum’s business relies on skilled personnel, a strong brand and successful investments.


Mandatum holds a strong position on Finland’s life insurance and asset management markets and the company offers a wide array of complementary products and services. Through its product and service offering, Mandatum is able to serve a large share of Finland’s life insurance and investment market, which increases the sustainability of the company’s business model and offers new potential growth opportunities.

Thanks to the different customer segments and extensive product and service offering, Mandatum can utilise synergy benefits and cross-selling opportunities in the life insurance and asset management value chain.


Mandatum’s values

  • Benefit the customer
  • As one team
  • By far the most active
  • We dare to be different
  • Straight talk
  • We want to win


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Business partners

In addition to its own customer service, Mandatum serves its customers through If, Danske Bank and Korkia. The insurance policies sold to Mandatum’s private customers are largely distributed through the partnerships made with Danske Bank and If because they can effectively reach a large number of customers in the target group. Danske Bank sells Mandatum’s risk insurance and savings products to all of the private customer segments, including private banking customers, while the partnership with If focuses on the distribution of life insurance. Korkia manages a small share of Mandatum’s private customer portfolio, which mainly consists of individual pension insurance.

Mandatum co-operates closely with Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company. Kaleva’s group life and accident insurance policies are sold through If to the members of trade organisations that have made co-operation agreements. Mandatum acts as Saxo Bank’s sole tied agent in Finland by offering Saxo Bank’s trading platform to its customers through the Mandatum Trader service.

Mandatum Asset Management Ltd also acts as a distributor for the investment funds of its subsidiaries and certain co-operation partners. These investment funds are mainly open to professional investors.