Wealth management for companies

Wealth management for companies

Are your company’s surplus assets gaining in value? Or at least retaining it? Our asset managers will help you find convenient, tailored solutions for your company’s assets.

When you invest wisely, you are securing your company’s future and possible future investments, regardless of the economic situation. If your company has assets that can be invested or assets that are sitting in accounts waiting for more long-term investment needs, it is worth putting them to work in the best possible way.

We offer your company wealth management services to suit your targets. We offer an easy and flexible contract for your investment assets. As the first step, we will together set a buffer limit for your company’s cash assets and invest any surplus assets according to your targets.

An interesting range of investment objects

Our wealth management customers have access to our comprehensive range of investment objects. With Mandatum Wealth Management, you can also invest in the investment objects that we invest in through our co-investment model. This opens the door to investees that are usually only available to major investors.

In our diverse range of investments, you will find the investment objects and combinations thereof that are suited to your targets.


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